Rights: Escape Pod publishes in both text and audio; you are offering both of those one-time and archival rights to us when you send us your story.

Content: Escape Pod is a science fiction market. Our mandate is fun. We are fairly flexible on what counts as “science” (as we’ll delve into superheroes or steampunk on occasion) and are interested in exploring the range of the genre, but we are not looking for fantasy, magical realism, or more than a tinge of horror. If your story isn’t centered on science, technology, future projections, alternate history, and how any or all of these things intersect with people, we’re probably not the right market for it.

Diversity:  Escape Pod welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds. We strongly encourage submissions from people of backgrounds that have been historically underrepresented or excluded from traditional SF publishing, including, but not limited to, women, people of color, LGBTQ or non-binary gender people, persons with disabilities, members of religious minorities, and people from outside the United States. 

If you identify as part of these or other underrepresented groups, we welcome and encourage you to indicate so in your cover letter. We acknowledge the reality of unconscious bias and will make our best efforts to account for it during the editorial review process. Our goal is to publish fiction that reflects the diversity of the human experience.

Wordcount: 2000-6000 words (firm)

We use a blind submissions system.  Please do NOT include your name or other identifying information in the file you submit.

We publish short-form fiction more or less exclusively.  We are not interested in flash fiction, poetry, serialized fiction, or novel excerpts.  As with other genres, we support their existence, but they’re not what we do.

Payment: $0.06 per word for original fiction; $100.00 flat rate for reprints of any length.
We are an SFWA qualifying market for original fiction and pay professional rates.

To audition, please fill out the following questionnaire and attach an audio sample of yourself reading a piece of fiction that's 2-3 minutes long. Please include a pronunciation of your name in your recording. 

If you are proficient with any foreign languages or accents, feel free to include them in your demonstration with an additional 1-2 minutes.

Our preferred technical specs and reading tips can be found here.

Questions should be directed to adam@escapeartists.net.
NOTE: Escape Pod uses a blind submissions system.  Please do NOT include your name or other identifying information in the file you submit.